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Ljubljana Tourism was honoured with a special jury award at the Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival in Portugal for their promotional film Visit Ljubljana. Their videos made it to the competition's shortlist, with a total of six entries.

3 Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival na Portugalskem foto Arhiv festivala

Budimpešta © Manca C.

Since 2012, the Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival has been recognizing films and audiovisual works that either promote best practices in tourism, such as social responsibility and sustainable development, or inspire young talent in directing and producing travel films. Awards are given to the top three films in eight different genres: advertising, promotional, documentary or reportage films, short documentaries, time-lapse videos, drone footage, and tourist films by vloggers and creators on YouTube. The jury also awards prizes in several technical categories, thematic films, and special acknowledgements.

The award-winning promotional film "Visit Ljubljana" was created in collaboration with Produkcija Studio. It portrays Ljubljana as a capital that offers a vibrant urban life and a connection with nature. It emphasises the city's relaxed atmosphere and invites visitors to enjoy various cultural experiences, outdoor activities, and diverse culinary delights. This award provides Ljubljana with significant international exposure among the film and artistic community, contributing to its reputation as a cultural and tourist destination. The primary goal of the festival organiser is to promote the Arrábida region in Portugal as a film destination, recognizing that showcasing destinations on the silver screen can have a positive impact on tourism and investment in the industry. Each year, they aim to attract filmmakers, directors, and other industry stakeholders to the festival.

This year, the festival received submissions from 101 films representing 37 countries. An expert committee in the fields of audiovisual arts and tourism shortlisted the entries for awards, and an independent jury, consisting of film and television directors, tourism experts, film critics, producers, journalists, and educators, assessed them. All six videos submitted by Ljubljana Tourism made it to the shortlist, including the award-winning "Visit Ljubljana," as well as "The Greenest of Capitals," "Ljubljana Region Outdoor," "Extreme Ljubljana," "Plečnik's Ljubljana," and "Creative Handicraft Workshops in Ljubljana."