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This week the official website of European Green Capital 2016 was launched, bringing an insight into Ljubljana's sustainable vision and measures undertaken. The website will also bring information on upcoming events and activities taking place in Ljubljana next year.

Visit the official website of Ljubljana European Green Capital 2016

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Visit the website at www.greenljubljana.com to learn more about the key reasons why Ljubljana received the prestigious title of European Green Capital 2016. Get to know in what ways our city's sustainable vision takes part in its daily life.

Among the other things the website offers insights into:

  • how Ljubljana keeps adapting its public transport to newest environmental standards;
  • how Ljubljana became the first capital city in European Union to enroll in the "zero waste" programme;
  • how it got listed among the most sustainable tourism destinations in the world
  • how it managed to keep its drinking water from the tap not just clean but mostly untreated as well.

Various events, workshops and discussions will take place next year as a part of the European Green Capital 2016 programme. It will definitely be an important year for our city, its townspeople and visitors. The website will help you keep track of all the events and activities taking place.

The website also focuses on different ways each one of us can contribute to a more sustainable way of life. Becoming a responsible and environmentally friendly society starts with the individual. For this reason, the 'Green Yourself' section gives you a chance to learn how to make small changes in everyday life to improve the quality of living and take small steps towards creating a more "green" society.

Become active and take pledges with which everyone can help make Ljubljana and the rest of the world a better place. You will find out that small steps really do make a difference. You can share your newfound green pledges on social networks using hashtags #ljforyou and #greencapital2016.

With the aim of increasing the availability of the web content for people with various disabilities, the website is technically adapted to the blind and visually impaired.