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On Saturday, 20 April, the traditional spring environmental campaign "For a More Beautiful Ljubljana" will end with the cleaning of the Ljubljanica River. The campaign has been encouraging citizens to keep the city green, clean and tidy with numerous activities throughout the month. From 10 am to 2 pm, a varied cultural programme will take place on the Čevljarski Most Bridge, and passers-by will receive plants and flower seeds as a token of appreciation for their care for the environment.

Pisma 052022 ciscenje Ljubljanice 1 Matjaz Tavcar

© Matjaž Tavčar

Divers, members of the Vivera Underwater Activities Association and other associations of the Slovenian Diving Association, as well as fishermen, firefighters, boatmen, lifeguards and others who care for a clean Ljubljanica and Ljubljanica will take part in the cleaning of the Ljubljanica. In previous years, the cleaning of the river has been carried out from Špica to the central market, but this year the cleaning route will be extended as far as the Ljubljanica River Barrier, if the water level of the river allows it. The waste will be collected at the Čevljarski Most Bridge, where it will be on display from 11:00, as a reminder that the river is not a dumping ground.

This is the 33rd consecutive year of the campaign. Encouragingly, the amount of waste has been reduced by 75% in that time, and still almost a tonne of waste is taken out of the Ljubljanica every year.

The Water Man and Urška, musical performance and workshop

This year's final event of the For a More Beautiful Ljubljana campaign will offer a varied cultural programme. Men and girls in tailcoats and bourgeois attire will stroll along the banks of the Ljubljanica River. Among them will be the Water Man, who will be looking for his Urška and will try to take her with him into the Ljubljanica.

From 11 am to 1 pm, children can take part in a workshop where they will make stamps out of waste materials such as corks and straws and stamp them on canvas. This will be followed by a performance by the Žlahtne babe.

A mobile bike repair service will also be available to visitors for minor repairs. In case of rain, the cultural programme will be reduced.

"Man, don't litter. Throw flower seeds instead"

To thank them for their care for a clean Ljubljana, passers-by will receive seeds and plants grown in the Ljubljana Botanical Garden. For several years, the City of Ljubljana has been highlighting the unacceptability of vandalism and the importance of respecting the common public space with its socially responsible campaign "Man, guard your city". This year, the campaign is also linked to the For a More Beautiful Ljubljana campaign. With the message "Man, don't litter. Throw flower seeds instead", they further draw attention to the unacceptability of environmental pollution.