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In 2018 the GR will host in total 12 international association congresses. The dynamic and busy autumn season will see or has seen already the following event highlights:


The 25th EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry - EFMC-ISMC, 2-9 September, Organizer: LDO Organisation

The 25th EFMC-ISMC Congress brought to Ljubljana over 860 participants from all around the world. Approximately one-quarter of the attendees were academics, a half were industry-affiliated individuals, and around one-third of the participants were students.

Throughout the 7-day event, 25 scientific sessions took place with 111 speakers, 7 plenary lectures, 3 award and 3 prize ceremonies, 48 exhibitors and 22 sponsors.

This year's congress presented the most recent advances in some of the areas of the medicinal chemistry. Particular emphasis was put on the first time disclosures, recent highlights in medicinal chemistry, and the impact of artificial intelligence in drug discovery.

Bernard Dacier, conference manager, explained the main advantages of the venue:

»It was the right size for the Symposium with the main auditorium, 2 additional rooms, and 1 large space for the exhibition and posters. The choice of the venue was very satisfying also because it was easy for the participants to circulate between the rooms.«

The European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) is an independent association representing medicinal chemistry societies in Europe with the objective is to advance the science of medicinal chemistry by promoting cooperation, providing training, rewarding scientific excellence, and facilitating communication between the main stakeholders.

ADRIA SECURITY SUMMIT, 12-14 September, Organizer: Global Security LTD

Adria Security Summit, the largest annual conference and exhibition in the field of the security industry in the Adriatic region, was attended by over 600 delegates.

The event hosted 6 presentations, a panel discussion, more than 25 workshops and 10 case studies which competed for the Case Study Excellence Awards.

The Summit gathered all participants within the supply chain: manufacturers, distributors, authorized representatives, installers, system integrators, consultants and end users from all vertical markets.

Summit co-organizers and partners are leading professional security associations from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia, amongst which the summit rotates.

BILT EUR, 11-13 October, Organizer: Stichting RTC Europe Foundation

BILT EUR is a three-day educational and networking event that will attract over 400 delegates working in the field or architecture or engineering.

The goal of the meeting is to help practitioners or consumers of BIM, DE and VDC technology, their firms and the wider industry to become more effective, more impactful and more productive.

The event will bring business leaders, thought leaders, innovators and implementers; everyone ready to share their secrets to aid in the quest for a better, and a stronger, more sustainable built environment.

Last year the meeting was held in Aarhus, Denmark.

Source: GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.