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The city of Ljubljana has developed an innovative campaign inviting the city residents to give away old chairs they no longer need and give them a new lease on life.

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The central theme in the city this year and at the conference Eurocities 2017 that Ljubljana is hosting between November 15-17 is circular economy. It is precisely for this reason that the new campaign has been developed, inviting the citizens of Ljubljana to actively participate.

And what about the chairs?

Collected old or worn-out chairs will be renovated with the help of four primary schools in October workshops organised by the cultural ecological society Smetumet.

In November the fresh and refurbished chairs are going to be used as part of the scenery at the conference Eurocities 2017.
But the story doesn’t end there! A very special event is planned for December when the chairs will be put on sale. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

More information to follow.
Source: www.ljubljana.si