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Even this summer CD Congress Centre has not taken a proper holiday as, for the past few years, the venue has been undergoing renovation, technological upgrading and maintenance works in the warmest months. Bearing the comfort of visitors in mind, the seats in the two largest auditoria - Gallus and Linhart halls, have been replaced, alongside with a thorough refurbishment.


Gallus Hall (1545 fixed seats) is set to start the forthcoming season shining in a new splendour. The parquet floor in the stalls as well as the dress and upper circles have been sanded, the marble walls polished, and the new seats installed. The overhaul of Linhart Hall (562 seats) has been even more extensive. The walls are now repainted, the stage portal renovated, conduit pipes and electrical installation replaced, equipment upgraded, the latest ventilation and air-conditioning system built in and advanced lighting system installed. The highly comfortable new seats are the final touch.

Other details of the makeover comprise improved elevator access to the panoramic, top-floor CD Club, as well as the refurbished CD Information Centre and Box Office. As scheduled, the construction works have been concluded at the end of August, right on time for the 13th European Conference on Epilepsy & Society. The September events calendar is well busy featuring, among other, the Congress of the Paediatric Rheumatology European Society (PRES) with 1,000 delegates at the end of the month.

Acting with care and diligence, the team of CD has made it a tradition of ensuring a responsible management and maintenance of its premises - one of the landmarks of Ljubljana and Slovenia, and preserving the historical legacy of its architect, Prof. Edvard Ravnikar. The value of this year’s investment is estimated at around two million Euros.

The Centre’s recent genesis will undoubtedly be appreciated by the foreign and local public, whose total number in just over 30 years of operations has reached as many as 15 million visitors / delegates.

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