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The 5-star Lev Hotel is turning 45 this year: no reason could have been better to give the property a partial facelift and throw a birthday party in early November 2009.

The largest conference room − Karantanija Hall, providing flexible setups and a maximum seating for 380 delegates theatre-style, has been fully refurbished. It shines in fresh, trendy fabrics and colours aligned with modern interior design. At the same time, the new “Pri Levu” à la carte restaurant has started delighting fine food fans with its own cuisine and occasional “guest appearances” of renowned restaurant chefs from abroad. Its opening was marked by a gourmet culinary event run by the legendary Gundel Restaurant from Budapest.


Last, but not least: two floors feature extensively refurbished superior rooms (34 in total) and 4 executive suites. The selected furnishings and fabrics lend the guest rooms a trendy and elegant look. The investment value of the refurbishment performed so far amounts to € 1.5 million.

More information: www.hotel-lev.si.