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Impact Tourism offers the possibility to realize companies’ social responsibility also through incentive and teambuilding programs, where participants can co-create social imprint and measurable social impact in a local environment, in this case in Ljubljana and different parts of Slovenia. According to the model of social entrepreneurship, Impact Tourism is developed and implemented by Liberty International and Without Profit - Innovative Social Services.

Boštjan Horjak, director of Liberty International Adriatic, proudly explains: “Social responsibility is one of the topics which we have been developing for a few years now and a new product, Impact tourism, has emerged. There are a series of programmes that are directly related to the natural, cultural and social environment. Through them we spread awareness, respect local values and endeavour fair trade.”

And what is most important and special about this new product? “Part of the earnings will be given to organisations which are striving for a better social environment and to organisations fighting for preservation of cultural and natural heritage”, Mr. Horjak concludes.

In Ljubljana, an array of programmes is available, but we would like to emphasize two: a charity auction with dinner in a Ljubljana restaurant called Druga violina (the Second Violin), where adults with moderate mental and additional disabilities participate in the regular processes of work, particularly in servicing costumers. A dinner in the Second Violin restaurant, where a charity auction is held, represents a donation to the Dolfka Boštjančič Care Centre, aimed at the further integration of its protégés into society. Such an experience thus creates a subtle harmony between culinary experiences and socially responsible behaviour.

The second one we would like to point out is the programme called Senses are truly useful, where the participants’ senses are constantly tested. During a folklore show, a touch will start working and some basic dance steps are taught, the smell joins at the wine tasting in a wine shop in the centre of Ljubljana, the vision is tested through the eyes of the best Slovenian photographer and the hearing is pleased with the gentle sound of the zither, while the taste will unmistakably tell you that you are sampling a traditional Carniolan sausage. Moreover, participants will be challenged to describe the beauties of Ljubljana to those who cannot see, convey the beauty of music in a suitable way for those who cannot hear and adapt dance steps to those who cannot walk.

A wide range of other socially responsible and green products can be found on www.impact-tourism.net.