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We are delighted to announce that in the first week of September Ljubljana and its two congress centres are crowded with roughly 2,100 medical scientists and other experts, attending two different European events. One covers regional anaesthesia and pain therapy, and the other focuses on dementia. The knowledge being transferred and upgraded in these respective fields is just immense.

esra congress opening

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Both events commenced on Tuesday and we are proud that two Slovenian ladies, Vesna Novak-Janković, President of the Slovenian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, and Štefanija Lukič Zlobec, chairperson of Spominčica, Alzheimer Slovenia, gave lovely and heartfelt welcome speeches for the international audience.

ESRA is the largest congress in Ljubljana and Slovenia this year and thus GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is hosting these days around 1,500 delegates. Anaesthesiologists, physicians and scientists who are engaged in the techniques of regional anaesthesia for surgery, obstetrics, paediatrics and pain control are exchanging their knowledge and contributing to the scientific progress of the area.

The 25th Annual Conference of Alzheimer Europe is being held at the CD Congress Centre Ljubljana and has attracted around 550 delegates. What is special and honourable about this event is that health professionals, academics, researchers and policy makers are brought together with people with dementia and their carers. Thus, the real life situations are being introduced and merged with the scientific advancements and researches.

Doing it in a sustainable way

Aligned with the saying “Healthy mind in a Healthy Body” ESRA delegates took part in an early morning fun run in our central Tivoli Park. On the other hand, some patients with dementia were treated with a ride around the Old Town quarter with the Kavalir electric vehicles. This is just a part of the sustainability practices in our city, which has been awarded the prestigious title of European Green Capital in 2016. We are pleased to notice that congress and event organizers pay more and more attention to the integration of green elements into their content concepts.

Taste the culture

Among the social events, two of the function venues in high demand were used, respectively. ESRA took their gala dinner to one of the city landmarks – Ljubljana Castle, while Alzheimer Europe held its gala event in the historic Grand Union Hall at the Grand Hotel Union.

You are invited to get a taste of the local musical culture, which enriched the opening ceremonies at both events - the Mandolina Orchestra Ljubljana and Kranjci Band.

Last, but not Least...

Ljubljana Convention Bureau has offered a continuous support to the organisers from the preparation stages until the end of the events. Have a look how we can help here.