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In October the Faculty of Computer and Information Science at University of Ljubljana will host a two-day competition related to Smart Grids and data methods for power engineering.

hackelect ljubljana

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On the 7th and 8th of October Ljubljana will host the international hackathon event »HackElect«, organized by company Smart Com in cooperation with institute Elektroinštitut Milan Vidmar (EIMV). Around 150 Slovene and international participants from different scientific fields will divide into groups and develop the innovative approaches, solutions and challenges related to Smart Grids and power engineering.

Students of computer science, information technology and engineering, as well as law, biology, international relations and other academic disciplines are invited to join the competition and discuss the advanced solutions, create new products, and present their skills within the framework of the five themes:

  • Thermography and IR processing
  • Lightening Scalar web and mobile application
  • Scalar backend system implementation
  • IoT aware intelligent IP network’s behaviour prediction
  • Smart metering electricity data analytics

Best three teams will be awarded with prize money in total value of 10,000 EUR.

For more information about the event visit its official website or follow the Facebook and Twitter account.

At the Convention Bureau / Ljubljana Tourism we are pleased to welcome events that connect science and business, and bring to our capital international experts from various scientific disciplines. We believe they largely contribute to further development of knowledge, enable the exchange of best practices and establish new business opportunities.