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In June experts from the fields of architecture, advertising, textiles, political sciences, veterinary medicine, physics, information systems, social security and education will meet in Ljubljana. Our capital is expected to be visited by around 3,700 delegates from all over the world attending international conferences, congresses and European forum.

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Conferences also marked by the Green Ljubljana

We are pleased that organizers of international events have decided to dedicate their events also to Ljubljana as the European Green Capital 2016. Thus, the Faculty of Law will host a conference on “Greening the Urban Living” and Slovenian Forestry Institute is organizing the European Forum for Urban Forestry (EFUF 2016). The latter made a contest for the best blog on the topic of urban forestry and thus a lot of interesting contributions are available even before the start of the forum.

The World Lace Congress will bring the largest attendance in June

From 24 - 26 June 2016 Ljubljana will be hosting the 17th World Congress OIDFA - the international organization for bobbin and needle lace. Organizers expect around 800 international participants. The main program will be held at the GR - Exhibition and Convention Centre, however from June 20 and until July 2 you have a chance to see a whole range of lace exhibitions in Ljubljana and at the Slovenian lace making centres.

We invite you to see Ljubljana’s conference facilities and special venues for your upcoming events here.