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Between 27th and 29th of August Ljubljana will again turn into the international meeting point of marketing and live events professionals. This year Conventa Crossover will take place at the CD Congress Centre.

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Conventa Crossover, since 2015

In almost a decade Conventa Crossover has become one of the most relevant events of its type in the region, providing space for creative discourse within the European meetings industry. This year, lecturers and participants will seek answers to questions regarding the regenerative role of events as accelerators and enhancers of development and shapers of the future. A crucial part of the event will be the Conventa Best Event Award, annual competition awarding the best events in the region of New Europe. The winners in eleven categories will be announced at the closing ceremony on Tuesday, August 29.

The main theme of this year's edition is summed up in the formula Exp = Evt2, which means "from boring events to profound experiences". Organizers and participants will focus on how to make events better and turn them into unforgettable experiences live, digitally or in the metaverse, as well as how to ensure a lasting legacy of events.

Conventa co-founder Gorazd Čad: "Events offer a universal language, which is understood by people all around the world. They can be accelerators and enhancers of development, as well as shapers of the future. They are an effective tool for personal growth, communication and the common good. Event organizers have therefore a great responsibility towards participants, society, the environment and our colleagues. We envisioned Crossover as a Future Lab, where we open space for new ideas without any barriers, reveal successful stories and connect the seemingly unrelated."

The key topics of this year's event are:


Ljubljana Talks

Ljubljana Talks, the awarded online drop-in audio conversations with the leading representatives of the meetings industry, created by the editor-in-chief of Kongres Magazine Gorazd Čad and Head of the Ljubljana Convention Bureau at Ljubljana Tourism Jan Oršič, will be recorded live at the event. The conversation on the future of festivals will feature the leading festival organizers in the region. The past episodes of Ljubljana Talks are available here.

The entire programme of Conventa Crossover 2023: https://www.crossover.si/programme/.

SOURCE: Slovenian Tourist Board, official website.