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The recent opening of the Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture has injected a new wave of energy into the city’s cultural landscape.

Kino Šiška, once a popular cinema that lost its function with the arrival of multiplex halls, has been completely refurbished and transformed into a centre for contemporary and urban creativity. This unique venue is primarily dedicated to music, theatre, dance and experimental productions, while also being suitable for meetings, conferences and other related events. Featuring 2,468 square metres of architectural and technological innovations, Kino Šiška ranks among largest and technically most advanced venues of its kind in Europe.


The large Katedrala Hall can welcome up to 800 visitors standing or 450 seating in various set-ups adjusted to individual events, including conferences and corporate events. The small Komuna Hall features up to 150 seats for more intimate, mainly experimental events, discussions or press conferences. The nearby M Hotel can offer additional breakout rooms, if so required. The two halls are complemented by the Kamera exhibition space and by the Kralj Cafe, which reflects a modernist decor.
Since mid-September, when Kino Šiška stepped into the local cultural and event scene, a host of resounding concerts, as well as fashion shows, presentations, round tables and other events have been staged there. Based on their flexible market approach, it possible to hire / privatise individual function rooms as well as the entire venue, including the café.
More information: www.kinosiska.si.