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In 2020, Ljubljana Tourism adopted a Tourism development strategy for Ljubljana and Ljubljana region 2021-2027. The document was created in cooperation with key tourism partners and in close cooperation with the City of Ljubljana.

In the new Strategy, Ljubljana Tourism and partners followed the principles and long-term guidelines for the sustainable development of the destination, which reflect Ljubljana's character the most, amongst other trying to:

  • ensure a harmonious coexistence between locals and visitors,
  • diversify the tourist flows outside the city center,
  • strangthen sustainability and green initiatives,
  • promote the safety of destination and city's character,
  • become a true boutique destination,
  • further develop the innovative tourist offer.

With its authentic sustainability and romantic scenery, Ljubljana offers a sophisticated and charming mix of Mediterranean atmosphere, tempting gastronomy and diverse year-round experiences while being nestled in the Alpine environment. The vision of Ljubljana as a tourist destination for the following strategic period derives from the following starting points:

Until 2027, Ljubljana will be the leading and most creative city destination for a sustainable lifestyle in the world.

We will continue to promote the concept of sustainability and be an example to urban destinations around the world. Ljubljana offers an optimal ratio between the size of cities and the number of inhabitants, which enables creating and implementating innovative concepts in various fields. Residents live a sustainable lifestyle and allow visitors to take part of the same philosophy.

The official presentation of the new Strategy to key partners took place in the newly renovated art gallery and special event venue Cukrarna on the 15. 11. 2021.