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In the end of August (28-29th) Ljubljana hosted the Conventa Crossover for the eighth year in a row - the first and only event in the region focusing exclusively on marketing and live events professionals. An important part of the festival is the "Conventa Best Event Award" competition; among this year's winners is also "Texas Feels Slovenia", held in Dallas, Texas in April 2023 and which Ljubljana Tourism was also a part of.

Pisma 092023 KUL Conventa 1 Marko Delbello Ocepek

In the past eight years the Conventa Crossover has become one of the key platforms offering time and space for creative discourse of the New Europe's meeting industry. The event has been significantly contributing to the rising recognition of Ljubljana as a high-quality and  creative destination. Ljubljana Tourism has been a partner of the festival since its very beginning.

This year's edition was held at the CD Congress Centre and at Ljubljana Castle. In an informal atmosphere, around 130 participants were learning about, networking and exchanging ideas on how to make the most out of the universal language of events, while 29 top speakers discussed how to turn events into immersive experiences - based on regenerative development, dialogue and creativity, and innovations.

Ljubljana talks

The recording of the special episode of Ljubljana Talks also took place, hosted by Jan Oršič, Head of Ljubljana Convention Bureau at Ljubljana Tourism, and Gorazd Čad, Director of Toleranca marketing and main festival organizer. The two discussed the future of festivals with guests from various fields of event organization from Slovenia and abroad.

Experiential day

During the festival Ljubljana Tourism organized a day full of experiences for festival attendees so that they were able to further explore the inspiring stories and history of Ljubljana as well as its surrounding region, which gets - with its vast offer of green, adventureous and unique experiences - increasingly included in the events primarily taking place in Ljubljana.