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When Muslim tourists choose a holiday destination, most of the time they will be looking for a place where the establishments offer services that comply with their way of life and Islamic law. This is the point of comfort-friendly service.


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When looking for a Muslim-friendly hotel in Slovenia no need to look any further. A breath-taking four-star Grand Hotel Union in an Art Nouveau style offers an exclusive location in the heart of the city centre and now offers Muslim guests a wealth of services and facilities to ensure a comfortable stay according to their believes.

Gaining the halal certification involved intensive effort and has become a challenge for hotel owners all over the country. Grand Hotel Union, as at so many other times in its history, is at the forefront of this added value challenge and now offers halal services as the first halal certified hotel in the city of Ljubljana. Polona Simšič, organizer of Intercontinental Advertising Festival - The CUP held in Grand Hotel Union in March 2015 complimented the hotel’s new offer on top-notch service: “We decided to organize The CUP in Grand Hotel Union because of the great conference facilities and because they are the only halal certified hotel in Ljubljana. One of our guests from Spain demanded the food is prepared according to Muslim dietary restrictions so we needed to pay special attention when ordering his meals. The chefs at Grand Hotel Union were very helpful and have done an excellent job preparing a variety of choices.”

What can a guest expect?
Muslim visitors can expect that management and staff will do everything they can to meet their special religious requirements even before check-in. Upon the prior notice to a Muslim guest in the room of a Grand Hotel Union will be provided: qibla markers, prayer mats, Quran and a proper mini bar offer.
Also the basic small amenities like shampoo are certified by Halal authorities. The breakfast is served in accordance with halal standards, all the food in the breakfast room is well labelled and during the preparation adequately separated from other food.
More information is available at GH Union webpage.

Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons is also a Halal certified hotel
The Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons hotel has been recently awarded the Halal certificate, which was issued following a detailed assessment and interviews with the managerial staff, by the Islamic Community of Republic of Slovenia Mešihat .
The hotel is now certified for food preparation and accommodation offer to Muslim guests. “It is essential to follow innovative approaches when it comes to being a leader in the competitive environment of tourism economy. With this certificate we are also expanding our sales efforts to new markets,” explained Mr. Aleksander Valentin, the General Manager.
More information is available at Mons webpage.