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Albert Salman, the president of the international organization Green Destinations speaks about the main purpose of the conference, why is it different from others, who is it for and much more.

GGDD why

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In the interview, made by Anula Galewska at Travindy - the portal on responsible tourism insight, Mr. Salman pointed out interesting features related to the content programme and some of the answers you can find below.

The main purpose of the conference

The conference aims at inspiring and informing all tourism practitioners on the benefits of new approaches re: sustainability. It is much better than any seminar on the subject for which you would pay a lot more money! Compared to other conferences we try to be much more interactive, by limiting presentations to 15 minutes, and by parallel sessions on three different subjects at the same time.

Who is this conference for and who the participants will meet in Ljubljana?

I would think that participation is a must for every destination manager or local council member responsible for tourism… But the programme and the audience is also really interesting for any destination adviser or consultant. There will also be tourism students, they will probably learn more in two days than normally in two weeks!

You will meet almost all interesting people on tourism sustainability, except the ones who are celebrating World Tourism Day elsewhere. GGDD is the only World Tourism Day-celebration around the topic of sustainability. Our speakers include Luigi Cabrini, Chair Global Sustainable Tourism Council GSTC, Olivia Ruggles-Brise from WTTC, Herbert Hamele from ECOTRANS, Chris Doyle from ATTA, Salli Felton, CEO of The Travel Foundation, just to name a few…

You can find the whole interview at the Travindy website.