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In the light of our capital being the European Green Capital 2016, the Ljubljana Convention Bureau and representatives of congress venues, conference hotels and agencies discussed improvements for the meetings industry in Ljubljana according to the principles of sustainability. Workshop was lead by Gaja Brecelj, director of Umanotera, the Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Udelezenci delavnice za organizacijo trajnostnih dogodkov

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Greening the meetings industry

"We need to be aware that organizing sustainable events is not a status, but it is a process. Its mission is to reduce the negative impacts, maximize benefits for the environment and society, and to create a positive legacy for present and future generations. It is important to begin, although the steps seem small at first. There are three areas on which to focus when greening the meetings industry; green office, organization and content of the event, and incorporate the principles of sustainability in them. Thus, it is important to consider the possibility of reducing the environmental footprint, develop a green and fair economy and respect the interests of local communities and society as a whole.” emphasized Gaja Brecelj from Umanotera.

New ideas for organizing sustainable events in Ljubljana

The lecture and the workshop itself reminded us of what we already know, it opened our eyes about those things that are hidden and through moments of brainstorming gave us a full range of new ideas on how to organize sustainable events in our city.

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