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Tourist Boat Cruise

Tourist boats are an opportunity to experience the historical city centre of Ljubljana, with its famous bridges, picturesque façades, and green embankments, from a completely different angle. A very relaxed cruise with stunning views all along the way.


Turizem Ljubljana


Krekov trg 10
1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 306 44 51


Spletna stran: https://www.visitljubljana.com



Not many European capitals have a river that would be so deeply connected to the city as the river Ljubljanica is to the heart and soul of the historical city centre of Ljubljana. This 'River of Seven Names' has always been of particular importance to the city. From Roman times to the introduction of the railway in the mid-19th century, it was a major trade and supply route, and today, its bed is considered to be one of Slovenia's most important archaeological sites.
This boat cruise also sheds light on many other stories and offers exceptional views of medieval streets, buildings with uneven roofs, and creations left behind by the famous architect Jože Plečnik. Did you know that Ljubljana owes its distinctive appearance precisely to

Plečnik, who built the Ljubljanica embankments in the historical city centre and laid out the riverside areas with tree-lined walks?

During an hour-long cruise, the boat will take you all the way to the revamped Špica embankment, which once served as the city beach and is now a popular riverside spot for people to get together.

Highlights of the programme:

  • Views of Ljubljana's numerous bridges
  • Plečnik's Market
  • newly revamped Ljubljanica embankments
Best time of the year All year round                                       
Minimum / Maximum number of participants: 1-50
Duration 1 hour
Distance from Ljubljana 0 km
Where? Ljubljana City Center