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Balance challenge

Participants will learn versatile skills such as a sense of balance, focus, flow, and how to stay calm in stressful situations. As better balance requires a specific mindset this is also an excellent training for higher brain efficiency, better creativity and stress management.


BALANSA Slackline


Krivec 44
1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktiraj osebo: Miha Škof

Phone: 0038631782952


Spletna stran: https://balansa-slackline.com/balance-workshops-courses-events/



The workshop programme encourages participants to become more aware of their bodies, thoughts and emotions in a fun and relaxed way, which is key to quickly learning to slackline.

Because the exercise involves all muscle groups, increases physical responsiveness, motor skills and stabilisation at all times, everyone will be slightly tired at the end. The workshops are led by Miha Škof, an experienced "tightrope'' walker and instructor, who will help all participants to learn a new aspect of balance and to take calm steps on a wobbly slackline. The side effects will be positive with lots of laughter.

RequirementsFlat-soled sneakers or bare feet, comfortable clothing. 

Setting: Equipment and set-up are provided, the event organiser has to arrange a suitable outdoor location with sufficient trees 4 to 8m apart with a suitable ground. A set up without trees is also possible as well as the use of freestanding Woodie - indoor slackline.

Best time of the year May-October                
Min / Max number of participants 8-20
Duration 120min
Distance from Ljubljana 0
Where? Park Tivoli or other