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Underground adventure: Follow the Steps of Luka Čeč

The underground adventure is a way of exploring the Postojna Cave’s magic underworld scenery off the beaten tracks by adding a touch of adrenaline to it.


Postojnska jama, d.d.


Jamska cesta 30
6230 Postojna

Kontaktiraj osebo: Anita Dolenc

Phone: +386 (0)5 700 01 00


Spletna stran: http://www.postojnska-jama.eu/



This programme follows the steps of the first official guide of the cave, a local man named Luka Čeč. He accidentally discovered a new section of the cave while it was being adorned for an announced visit of the Emperor of Austria, Franz I, in 1818.
The underground adventure is a suitable teambuilding activity for those who like challenging their own capabilities. Alongside, experienced guides, who provide all the necessary information on this Karst marvel that has been enticing visitors from all over the world for centuries, keep the participants’ spirits up.
The Jamski Dvorec Mansion or the Proteus Restaurant are recommended to round off the day in a pleasant way, with a medieval feast or the contemporary flavours of top-notch culinary delights.

Highlights of the programme:

  • Teambuilding activity
  • Off the beaten tracks
  • Medieval feast or contemporary culinary delights
Best time of the year All year round                                       
Minimum / Maximum number of participants: 3-10 (larger groups by special agreement)
Duration 2-4 hours
Distance from Ljubljana 54 km
Where? Postojna