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The Season Greetings

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The Season Greetings program interweaves fine art, tangible and intangible heritage and digitized content, creating unique experiences for discerning visitors.


Pokrajinski muzej Maribor


Grajska ulica 2
2000 Maribor

Kontaktiraj osebo: Nives Cvikl

Phone: 02 228 35 59




Through the allegories of the seasons, depicted on the baroque staircase and in the Knight's Hall of the Maribor Castle, visual symbols and deeper messages of the depictions are revealed to visitors. They delve deeper into the architectural and visual representations of the allegories of the seasons while explaining and listening to music, and with the help of smell, type and taste, they actively get to know the cuisine of the season and a certain historical period. The Season's Greetings program makes visitors think about the cycle of time, about the eternal cycle of birth, death and rebirth not only in nature but also in the life of an individual. He points out the language of symbols, which we often unconsciously accept in our value system. It indicates the reasons why certain foods were considered valuable in a certain historical period and explains the course of cultural development, which was also manifested at the table. 

The events take place at the changing of the seasons and are based on the elements of surprise and enchantment. They offer visitors the opportunity to actively participate and experience the past with the help of all five senses. The introductory event Greeting Spring (March 21) will be followed by Greeting Summer on the evening of June 21 , Greeting Autumn is scheduled for September 21, and the year will conclude with Greeting Winter on December 21.

Minimum number of participants: 2.
Booking must be made at least one week prior to the event.