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The Key Ljubljana Escape Rooms

You have the option to choose from three different rooms. Do you want to become DaVinci, Sherlock Holmes or find yourself in the middle of a wonderland? Don’t forget, you have a limited amount of time to escape back to reality.


Escape room The Key Ljubljana


Obrežna steza 2
1000 Ljubljana

Kontaktiraj osebo: Taiji Tokuhisa

Phone: +386 (0)30 23 23 23


Spletna stran: http://www.thekey.si/



Teamwork, concentration, creativity, communication and observation will be required from you so get your senses on high alert. The main goal of escape rooms is to find hidden objects, solve puzzles and riddles to find the main key, that lets you to freedom and not run out of time while trying.

Get ready for an excellent adventure, be prepared to see your friends, relatives or colleagues from a different perspective and have lots of fun while escaping.

Highlights of the programme:

  • 3 different rooms
  • Fun
  • Solving puzzles
Best time of the year All year round                                       
Minimum / Maximum number of participants: 2-15
Duration 60-70 min
Distance from Ljubljana 0 km
Where? Ljubljana City Center