Underground Kayaking in the Depth of a Mine

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The participants will get on a real mining train and paddle along the underground labyrinthine tunnels in the Mežica mine.

More than half of the Mežica mine tunnels – from the 12th to the 20th level, are now flooded due to the closure of water pumps. The starting point is at the Mining Museum, where participants get on board a real mining train. About 15 minutes later, the challenge starts, as they have to descend 500 stairs leading from level 8 to 12.

After changing into neoprene outfits, including safety vests and miner’s helmets with a headlamp, it’s time to wade through the water. Paddling along the labyrinthine tunnels where mining trains once pulled ore wagons, discovering a lake and fresh mountain drinking water at 700 m below surface, all in total silence and darkness, gives the feeling of being lost in time. About an hour later, the group heads back to the access point on foot and by train.

Highlights of the programme:

  • Discovering the underground nature
  • Drinking fresh mountain water
  • Visit of a closed mine
Best time of the year All year round                                       
Minimum / Maximum number of participants: 2-8
Duration 4 hours
Distance from Ljubljana 110 km
Where? Region of Koroška / Slovenia


Podzemlje Pece, d.o.o

Contact information

Glančnik 8 2392 Mežica

Phone: +386 (0)2 87 00 180


Website: http://podzemljepece.com/

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