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  • 100 SLOVENIAN 1

    Get to know Slovenia through the eyes of comedian and musician whom will take your through our history and traditional stereotypes.

  • DSC5664

    Participants will learn versatile skills such as a sense of balance, focus, flow, and how to stay calm in stressful situations. As better balance requires a specific mindset this is also an excellent training for higher brain efficiency, better creativity and stress management.

  • Rudnik Mezica kajak 1

    The participants will get on a real mining train and paddle along the underground labyrinthine tunnels in the Mežica mine.

  • Hisa Eksperimentov Pridni potapljaci Branko Ceak

    Hiša eksperimentov (The House of Experiments) is a high interactive “hands-on” Science Centre. By moving, changing, squeezing and playing you get to know something new every time.

  • IRP 4862

    Privatise one of the most popular wine bars in Ljubljana and entertain your guests with Slovenia’s top wines, presented in a wine tasting and accompanied by wide range of cold and warm snacks.

  • Iski morost Barbara Vidmar

    The tour programme includes a visit of the Corncrake Nature Trail going around the reserve, where you will be able to experience nature at its purest and discover the local natural and cultural heritage.

  • wilderness survival 4

    This one-day wilderness survival workshop is intended for people of all ages, who want to learn the forgotten skills of living with nature.

  • team x challenge 2

    Would you like to connect with your team through various activities, fun and team challenges? The Team –X- Challenge is a program filled with all these elelemts.

  • 03 knights game 2

    This motivational thematic programme consists of a set of medieval experiences, which requires strategic team work.

  • 03 Ljubljana Adventure time

    Try an active city programme, full of active manoeuvres. If you are preparing people to be brave in business, give them a taste of risk at the end of a rappelling rope.

  • the kingdom of princess urska 1

    At Ljubljana Castle, in the castles of the Gorenjska region, or perhaps in the Postojna Cave. Will you be the one rescuing a princess?

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