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  • 100 SLOVENIAN 1

    Get to know Slovenia through the eyes of comedian and musician whom will take your through our history and traditional stereotypes.

  • DSC5664

    Participants will learn versatile skills such as a sense of balance, focus, flow, and how to stay calm in stressful situations. As better balance requires a specific mindset this is also an excellent training for higher brain efficiency, better creativity and stress management.

  • S kolesom po Ljubljani D. Wedam

    This cycling tour takes you to a large number of attractive spots located just outside the heart of the city centre, allowing you to explore them in a healthy and pleasurable way.

  • Voznja s turisticno ladjico Dunja Weadm

    Tourist boats are an opportunity to experience the historical city centre of Ljubljana, with its famous bridges, picturesque façades, and green embankments, from a completely different angle. A very relaxed cruise with stunning views all along the way.

  • ZTL Pivovska tura

    Explore Ljubljana through beer. Learn about the tradition of brewing in Ljubljana and Slovenia and taste an assortment of excellent local beers.

  • Kulinaricni ogled Okusi Ljubljane Bobo III

    Get to know the different faces and stories of culinary Ljubljana and find out why, as the poet says, 'Long for its dishes Ljubljana's been known'.

  • Sprehod po Ljubljani Dunja Wedam

    A pleasant two-hour exploration of Ljubljana Old Town's major sights. Who knows which one you will like best?

  • POMUM Pozdrav pomladi3 foto M Pigac v2

    The Season Greetings program interweaves fine art, tangible and intangible heritage and digitized content, creating unique experiences for discerning visitors.

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