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Newline interactive screens for hybrid events

Hibridno izobrazevanje interaktivni zasloni Newline

© Luka Esenko

Hybrid events have become common nowadays when participants' safety is meeting organizers' highest priority. Newline interactive screens offer an easy and modern approach to event management and a high-quality user experience.


Integrated i5 or i7 computers make Newline interactive screens function as a “normal” Microsoft computer, which is a big advantage since Windows environment is easy to use and familiar to almost everyone. The screens allow users to download the most popular video conferencing programs (eg. Zoom and MS Teams) as well as any other. Newline interactive screens already have built-in microphones and a camera, and their use is very similar to that of a laptop. The function of writing and drawing on the screen helps the user (eg. the spekaer) to bring the event closer to the audience and make it interactive, while at the same time it enables him / her to share documents remotely in real-time. Newline interactive screens thus simplify hybrid meetings event planning without having to master complex technical details of audio-video equipment.

During webinars or meetings via audio-video conferencing, a shared screen can also be used for a presentation with the use of tools such as MS Whiteboard, PowerPoint, Word and others. The joint development of Newline with Microsoft has ensured that all programs are already optimized and will be supported by software also in the future. The screen can also be used for more basic functions, such as playing videos, interactive quizzes at trade fairs or classic presentations and other presentations.