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Sora Catering

SORA Catering was launched as the international brand of JEZERŠEK Catering in 2013. The company is specialized in catering and organising a great variety of culinary receptions, banquets and other functions for more than 35 years.


Person: Jure Jezeršek

Phone: +386 (0)1 361 94 21

Email: [email protected]


Standards in congress activity

This family owned company, managed by four brothers, offers creative catering solutions for any kind of event at a location of their client’s choice, such as forest clearings, meadows, Karst caves, museums, galleries or ships. With offices in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, Sora Catering can provide their services throughout Europe or elsewhere.

Additionally, they offer an opportunity to enjoy their cuisine in two renowned Slovenian restaurants, Dvor Jezeršek, close to the Ljubljana Airport, and at the scenic Bled Castle Restaurant.


  • Official caterer for EuroBasket 2013 (Slovenia)
  • UEFA Champions Club (Stadion Maksimir Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Hugo Boss Opening (Emporium BTC Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • EuroBasket 2015 (Zagreb Arena Hall, Croatia)
  • AUDI A4 pre-premiere (Ljubljana GR-Congress and Convention Centre, Slovenia)