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Planning a visit to Ljubljana and Central Slovenia? Then the best place to find things to do is probably our own www.visitljubljana.com website. It also includes MyVisit, a great feature which will help you plan your trip quite efficiently. MyVisit will get you inspired, enable you to create your own list of things to do and access your itinerary whenever you need it.

To access MyVisit, just click the heart icon in the main menu.

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To get inspired, you can add one or more prepared lists of things to do to MyVisit and that will get you started.

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These lists are curated by the website editors and are updated with fresh suggestions all the time.

If already prepared lists are not your thing, you can just browse our website on your own. You can also use an already prepared list and then expand it on your own. Possibilites are open so we advise you just to use your imagination.

So how to make the best use of MyVisit? It's all very simple.

Just check out the points of interest, events and other things to do and keep adding them to MyVisit. You add them by simply clicking the heart icon next to any of them.

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When you have assembled a trip itinerary, you can use it in different ways:

  1. You can send it to your e-mail and access it from there anytime.
  2. You can sync it with the Visit Ljubljana mobile application (iOS/Android).
  3. You can share it with friends. They can also change it or build upon it on their own.
  4. You can also create your very own personalized PDF guide to Ljubljana and Central Slovenia.

The PDF guide comes with a package of practical information such as opening hours of Tourist information centres, and information on how to get to and around Ljubljana.

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If you edit your trip details very accurately, your PDF guide will also include suggestions on what to do if you'll visit Ljubljana and central Slovenia

  • as a couple
  • with your family
  • on a city break
  • on business or
  • on budget.

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Ready to plan your trip? Go to MyVisit.

We wish you a great trip to Ljubljana and Central Slovenia!