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Apartma Tara

Cable TV/ satellite TV, phone, toilet, shower, bedlinen, towels, wireless internet access (Wi-Fi), cable internet, kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher, baby cot, terrace


  • Suits1
  • Beds:4

Additional offer

  • Free WiFi
  • Air conditioning

Room amenities

  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Free WiFi in the rooms
  • Option of children's bed rental
  • Additional bed
  • Shower

Apartment amenities

  • Fully equipped kitchen (fridge, oven, stove )


  • Number of rooms
  • Number of beds
  • Number of apartments


Langugages of communication: Slovenian, English, German, Croatian, Serbian.


Mestni trg 8 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386040437443

Email: [email protected]

Web site: Apartma Tara