Bistro Monstera

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In Monstera Bistro you can discover the innovative author's cuisine of the acclaimed chef Bine Volčič. His philosophy is characterised by a constant search for new flavours, by seasonal ingredients of the highest quality and by the use of extraordinary and forgotten foodstuffs.

In Monstera bistro, you can start your day with home-made breakfasts inspired by local tradition. The “Ljubljana breakfast (Ljubljanski fruštek)” (toasted brioche bread with bacon, herb cheese spread, and poached egg) is part of the Taste Ljubljana culinary project.

The lunch menu is changed every week and at weekend nights Bine Volčič exercises his full artistic freedom with a 7-course tasting menu in which he explores new horizons.

Bine Volčič is one of the first Slovenian chefs to establish the concept of the so-called “zero waste cuisine”. The chefs of the Monstera bistro tastefully serve you even those edible parts of plants and meat which are usually thrown away. Potato peels thus become tasty chips and the less known parts of beef discover new forms of use.

The drink menu is especially characterised by the fact that one third of the wines are produced ecologically. They also offer the specially brewed craft beer Monstera, home-made fruit and herbal syrups, home-made juices from the best suppliers and natural drinking water served in Museum Water bottles.

Menu choice: seasonal dishes, vegetarian dishes, breakfasts, lunchtime menus, slow food, varietal Slovenian wines.

Langugages of communication: Slovenian, English, German, French.

Opening hours

Mondays to Wednesdays 8:30-17:00, Thursdays to Saturdays 8:30-23:00, Sundays and and public holidays closed.


It is recommended that you book your table in advance.
Pets are allowed.


Gosposka ulica 9 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)40 431 123


Website: Bistro Monstera

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