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Union Experience

The new era of Ljubljana’s largest brewery has come upon us. All beer enthusiasts and those who celebrate beermania will love to raise their glasses at the Union Pub. Although a nice cold brew is hard to resist, we recommend visitors to follow the “learn first, have fun later” rule and start by exploring the Brewery Museum and enjoying the full Union Experience, seeing how beer is made and learning about the history of brewing in Ljubljana. For the ultimate Šiška experience, treat yourself to a glass or two of Union draught beer and make a good day even better.


Visiting times: Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00.

Mandatory advance reservation of the visit: [email protected].

Accessible to persons with movement disabilities

  • Designated parking space for persons with movement disabilities
  • Designated path from the car park/public transport to the building
  • Designated sanitary facilities accessible to persons with movement disabilities


Meeting point at Union Bar.


Celovška cesta 22 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)41 30 30 50

Email: [email protected]

Web site: Union Experience