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BTC City Market

The market located within the BTC City shopping centre is one of the best-stocked markets in Ljubljana. It offers a large choice of fruits, which are mostly imported, vegetables, most of which are produced locally, and other produce from local farms.

A small covered market offers a choice of quality Slovenian meat products, cheeses, honey, and traditional dishes.

An outdoor modern place of culinary delights in the BTC market offers a wide selection of street food from all over the world. In the six kiosks visitors can get anything from burgers, Thai dishes, tapas and other Spanish snacks, Wiener schnitzels and grilled meat, vegetarian street food, rolls, salads etc.


  • Outdoor market: from Monday to Friday: 8.00–19.00, Saturday: 7.00–18.00.
  • Indoor market: from Monday to Friday: 8.00–17.00, Saturday: 7.00–17.00.
  • Streetfood BTC: from Monday to Saturday: 10.00–21.00

Catering offer

  • Street food


Šmartinska cesta 152 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 585 22 22

Email: [email protected]

Web site: BTC City Market