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Center Rog

The New Center Rog, a renovated old factory, now offers new content as it is designed as a social and creative hub that preserves the tradition of artisanal and production space while promoting craftsmanship, design, and applied arts.

On this site, there was initially a small leather workshop, then a machine shop, which was significantly expanded in the 1920s with a modern skeletal structure. After World War II and subsequent renovations, the Rog factory operated there until the 1990s, producing iconic bicycles. Later, representatives and groups of self-organized civil initiatives occupied the vacant and abandoned industrial plant.

Now, the building hosts public programs catering to both hobbyists who enjoy hands-on creativity and professional users from various creative industries, including industrial design, architecture, engineering, fashion, and culinary arts.

Center Rog has become a small community where, from morning to evening, old and new converge in nine production workshops. Modern designers and masters of traditional crafts, computer geeks and bookworms, chefs and metalworkers, architects and carpenters, engineers, and the curious all come together.

Visitors can attend clay design workshops, sew new pants in the textile lab, 3D print the latest jewelry, or cultivate biomaterial in the green lab for furniture making.

The center also features a library, café, bistro, large terrace overlooking the city, a park with edible trees, and a garden with raised beds. Additionally, the glass annex offers numerous cozy corners for working, socializing, or simply relaxing.


MON - FRI: 8:00 – 22:00

SAT: 8:00 – 18:00

SUN: closed


Trubarjeva cesta 72 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 320 56 10

Email: info@center-rog.si

Web site: Center Rog