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Central Market

Ljubljana's Central Market is more than just a place to shop. Traditionally, it has also been a place for the locals to meet and enjoy themselves together.

The Central Market consists of an open-air market, located in the Vodnikov trg and Pogačarnev trg squares, a covered market situated in between the two squares, and a series of small food shops along the river Ljubljanica, which are referred to as 'Plečnik's Covered Market' as they are located in a colonnade designed by Ljubljana's famous architect Jože Plečnik. The Central Market offer is supplemented by catering establishments and street food kiosks.

Open Kitchen (Odprta kuhna)

Every Friday from mid-March until the end of October, Pogačarjev trg square hosts a unique food market where chefs of Slovenian restaurants prepare various dishes from all over the world. In the case of bad weather, the Open Kitchen cancelled.

Outdoor market

Apart from fresh Slovenian fruits and vegetables are grown by local farmers, the market also offers a choice of tropical fruits, dry-cured meat products, balcony flowers, and plug plants.

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On Saturdays, Ecological Market takes place at Pogačarjev trg Square. In addition to the Open Kitchen organised on Fridays, this is also the place of other thematic and culinary events, for example From Countryside to City (Podeželje v mestu), Idea Italia – Italian food market, Pivo & Burger Fest etc.

Indoor market

The so-called 'Plečnik's Covered Market', built to designs by the architect Jože Plečnik between 1940 and 1944, is conceived as a two-storey range of riverside market halls following the curve of the river. Shops offering Slovenian products and catering establishments are located in the upper storey. In the lower storey, there is a fish market with a small fish restaurant and DobraVaga Art Gallery.

In the indoor market building, on the ground floor of the Seminary Palace, one can buy cured meat products, fresh meat, home-made bread baked in a wood oven, home-made biscuits and pastries, various kinds of local cheeses, dried fruit and nuts, local olive and pumpkin seed oil, etc.


Open-air section:
Weekdays 6:00-18:00 and Saturdays 6:00-16:00 during summer; from Monday to Saturday 6.00-16.00 in winter, Sundays and holidays closed

Covered section in the Pogačarjev trg square:
Weekdays 7:00-16:00, Saturdays 7:00-14:00.

Covered section under Plečnik's Colonnade:
From Monday to Friday 7:00-16:00, Saturday 7:00-14:00.

Catering offer

  • Street food

Accessible to persons with movement disabilities

  • Designated parking space for persons with movement disabilities
  • Designated path from the car park/public transport to the building
  • Designated entrance for persons with movement disabilities
  • Designated sanitary facilities accessible to persons with movement disabilities
  • Adequate access to the building for persons with movement disabilities (hallways, staircase, lift, etc.)
  • Accessible event space for persons with movement disabilities

Accessible to the blind and partially sighted

  • Designated lift in the facility for the blind and partially sighted


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