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Dobra vila

Drawn fast food. Hamburger, hot dog, pizza,  french fries, sandwich.

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For a number of years now, Dobra Vila’s team of impassioned Šiškars have been relieving the hunger pangs of all those in Ljubljana who want their pizzas, burgers and delicious fried food delivered to them. You can also visit Dobra Vila in the refurbished Hotel One66, where the cooks take care of breakfasts. All dishes bear the Made in Šiška designation of origin ????. The connection with the characters and work of the three protagonists from the award-winning feature film directed by Jan Cvitkovič, Šiška Deluxe, is NO coincidence.


Celovška cesta 166 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 505 12 12

Email: [email protected]