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Escape Castle

The Escape Castle is a fun adventure where you can learn about the history of the city through five tests, have fun, and maybe finally save the dragon, the one that can be found on the Dragon Bridge, in the town coat of arms and the flag.

The team that plays the Escape Castle can have two to four members. The game begins and ends in the Info centre at the Ljubljana Castle. At the beginning of the game, you get a gaming plan and a medallion, and then you have one hour to solve five knight riddles in different places inside the castle walls. You use your ingenuity and skills to try to reach the research camp. The last, most important test is waiting for you there: the revival of the dragon.


Duration: up to 60 minutes

We recommend reserving a date and time in the Info centre at Ljubljana Castle.



Grajska planota 1 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: + 386 1 306 42 93

Email: info-center@ljubljanskigrad.si

Web site: Escape Castle