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Forest Escape

Forest Escape is a real-life escape game similar to room escape games, only the setting is not a room, but a forest on the edge of Ljubljana. Bring together a group of two to five people and overcome, as a team, all the obstacles in the game. Find all the traces and crack all the codes in no more than 60 minutes.

Forest Escape variants

Save the Bird: In the middle of a forest on the edge of Ljubljana, a very chatty sort of bird got caught in a cage. The bird wants to share its forest wisdom with you, but first it must be freed. Can you free the bird before the alarm clock goes off?

Escape in the Rain: It is raining and you are serving at the front. Using your last strength, you retire behind the front line. You are wounded, wet, and exhausted and only a very special first aid can save you. What will your outcome be? Will you be saved?

Escape by Moonlight: It is a dark night in the forest. Before the clock strikes midnight, you must find a hawthorn stake in order to beat a female vampire. Will you manage to keep your nerve ... and your blood?

Forest Escape variants for children aged 8-13

Pirate Treasure: Pirate Captain Black Fox was the dread of sailors across the seven seas. Use a map and find his treasure!

Angelika the Fairy: The forest fairy Angelika cannot find her rosemary wand, which she knows how to use to cure the sick and ward off evil spirits. Solve a set of riddles and help Angelika find her magic wand!


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