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Fruit Route

between the villages of Javor and Janče

The Fruit Route is a food-themed route through the countryside in the immediate eastern vicinity of Ljubljana, where the Besnica brook cuts its way through the Zasavje Hill Range. The farmers living in the area's thirteen settlements offer visitors strawberries in the spring, and apples, pears, sweet chestnuts, plums, walnuts, mushrooms, grape must and schnapps in the autumn.

Home-grown fruits and homemade foods are available for purchase from 36 farms scattered along the Fruit Route between the villages of Javor and Janče. The route, accessible by car, is well signposted and marked with tourist information boards. The area alongside the route is crossed by several themed hiking trails, such as the Bilberry Trail, the Chestnut Trail and the Mali Vrh Forest Trail.

Countryside events

In the early summer (on the second and third Sundays in June), the area in front of the Janče Mountain Hut (Planinski dom Janče) hosts traditional events known as Strawberry Sundays, where visitors can buy home-grown strawberries and various homemade foods, and in the autumn (on the first, second and third Sundays in October) Chestnut Sundays, where sweet chestnuts and other autumn produce are available for purchase.

Apart from the sale of home-grown produce and homemade foods and other farm products, the two events offer a perfect opportunity for people to get together and have fun.


For more information, please contact Mr. Srečko Birk (+386 (0)41 503 964) or Ms. Lili Maren (+386 (0)41 233 823) of the Turistično društvo Besnica-Janče tourist association (Besnica 20, SI-1000 Ljubljana).