House of illusions

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The House of Illusions is a museum of fun and educational experience, where you can test the limits of your perception. Inside, relativity is something that you experience literally. The illusions provide a different experience of space and everything you think you know about it.

The museum offers around 40 exhibits, optical illusions and holograms. Smaller installations such as the Mirror of Truth, Rubin's Vase, Albert Einstein's Hollow Face, etc. are placed everywhere. Photos and holograms change, appear and disappear in front of your eyes.

The museum's attractions include the following rooms of illusions:

  • Anti-gravity Room, where everything seems to defy the laws of gravity.
  • Rotated Room, where your reality rotates through 90 degrees.
  • Infinity Disco Room, where fun and dance stretch into infinity.
  • Ames Room, where you grow taller or smaller.
  • Vortex Tunnel, where everything appears to rotate and you fight for balance.
  • Playroom with didactic-logical games and enigmas.

Opening hours

Open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Admission fee

Entrance fee: €13 per person; children from 5–15 years €9; families (2 adults + up to 2 children) €34.

Accessible to persons with movement disabilities

  • Designated entrance for persons with movement disabilities
  • Designated path from the car park/public transport to the building


Exhibit descriptions are in Slovenian, English, German and Italian.


Kongresni trg 13 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 320 54 66


Website: House of illusions

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