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Koseze Pond

The Koseze Pond, situated on the edge of Ljubljana, is a small artificial lake in a former clay pit. Today it is an example of a marshy lake providing natural habitat for several rare and endangered plant and animal species.

The pond is surrounded by a walking path with benches. Next to the lake there are several wooden platforms and lookout piers. The lake is located in the immediate vicinity of the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, a circular path around Ljubljana.

The animals living in and around the pond mainly include frogs and numerous other amphibians, several fish species, dragonflies, swans and other bird species. The typical plant species of the area are black alder, willow, and several reed species growing by the pond's shore.

The Koseze Pond offers an opportunity for fishing for carp, sheatfish, rudd, bass, zander, and several other species. Fishing permits can be purchased from the nearby Gostilna pri Cvičku restaurant.

Each year, the Koseze Pond hosts several model boat races. When it freezes in winter, it is a popular natural ice rink.