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Landscape park: Tivoli, Rožnik, Šiška Hill

Although Slovenia has many rich and varied natural landscapes, there’s nothing Šiškars love doing more than setting out on a walk to Šiška Hill, the highest peak of Rožnik, which is connected to the city by Tivoli Park. Ljubljana is one of the few European cities with a protected forest area so close to the city centre. The landscape park, which is the perfect distance from the city’s hustle and bustle, neither too near nor too far, is an oasis for all those who love living with one foot in the forest, and the other in the midst of the lively city and all its delights. A weekend stroll from Tivoli Park across the top of Rožnik and ending in Gostilna Čad restaurant is a must for anyone who enjoys barbecue and meat for Sunday lunch.

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Tivoli 1000 Ljubljana

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