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As its name suggests, the Mediterraneo bar and restaurant, located in the city centre of Ljubljana, has a Mediterranean ambience and serves a menu including a large number of fish and pasta dishes besides traditional food from different Slovenian regions. It also offers a great choice of selected wines, mostly sourced from Slovenian winemakers in the regions of Primorska and Kras

Menu choice: Slovenian dishes, Mediterranean dishes, seafood, seasonal dishes, game dishes, vegetarian dishes, grilled dishes, breakfasts, lunchtime menus, desserts, varietal Slovenian wines.

Typical Ljubljana dishes: beef soup with noodles , pražen krompir (sautéed potatoes), flying žganci (fried chicken drumsticks and wings), Ljubljana goulash, kranjska klobasa (pork and bacon sausage), frog legs, štruklji (with cottage cheese, walnut filling with buckwheat), Vodnik's lamb's lettuce salad, Ljubljana cottage cheese pancakes with tarragon, apple strudel.

Additional amenities: outdoor seating, , high chairs, wireless internet, takeaway service, catering services for events and functions, organization of gala and corporate dinners.


Open daily from 8:00 to 24:00.

Catering offer

  • Taste Ljubljana


Langugages of communication: Slovenian, English, German, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian.

A room for private gatherings or parties can be arranged for groups.
A bus stop is located nearby.


Ciril Metodov trg 16 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)64 226 777

Email: [email protected]

Web site: Mediterraneo

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