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Monument to the Miner

A dirty face of a miner on a black background.

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The monument was created a few years after World War II in the style of socialist realism. The man depicted is a worker, and specifically a miner. Initially, the miner carried a compressor and a lamp, but these were stolen. If you love monuments and memorials, Šiška is the right place for you! For a good explore by a bike, we also recommend the following: Spomenik svobode / Monument to Freedom (Celovška cesta 148), Spomenik v NOB padlim gojencem Učiteljskega doma / Monument commemorating the wards of the Teachers' Home who fell in the National Liberation Struggle (Žibertova ulica 27), Spomenik v NOB padlim kolesarjem / Monument commemorating cyclists who fell in the National Liberation Struggle (opposite the Koseze Market).


Where: Celovška cesta 41, next to Lepa Žoga


Celovška cesta 41 1000 Ljubljana