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Roman fort in Lanišče

The village of Lanišče above the village of Kalce is the site of a restored part of a Roman wall and fort which used to be part of a Roman defence system known as Claustra Alpium Iuliarum. The fort in Lanišče is Slovenia's only reconstructed part of the system. It stands on the western edge of the Hrušica plateau, above the still visible course of the former Roman road between Aquileia and Emona, the present Ljubljana. A defensive tower was included in the original wall, which sloped uphill towards the top of the Srnjak hill (918 m). The fort was part of the Roman Empire's outermost defence line. The majority of military units were deployed at Ad Pirum (the present village of Hrušica), a fortified staging post located in the rear area of the defensive line.


Lanišče pri zaselku Kalce