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Šinkovc Tourist Farm

The Šinkovc tourist farm is best known for its homemade dry-cured meat products and bread made from wholegrain flour. During the winter season, it offers homemade pork foods traditionally prepared in winter time. You can also choose from other traditional Slovenian dishes such as the ravioli-style dumplings known as 'Idrija žlikrofi', various kinds of 'štruklji' rolls, and 'žganci', a lumpy dish of boiled flour, shredded and sprinkled with melted fat. All the dishes are prepared from ingredients grown on the farm.


Open: Fridays 10:00-22:00, Saturdays 8:00-22:00 and Sundays 10:00-22:00.

Additional offer

  • Free WiFi
  • Pets allowed
  • Private parking for guests
  • Terrace  
  • Children's playground equipment
  • A room available for private parties and meetings

Catering offer

  • Traditional Slovene dishes
  • Dishes from locally produced ingredients
  • Vegan food
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Gluten-free dishes

Terms and conditions of payment

  • Cash


Languages of communication: Slovenian, English, Italian and Croatian.


Medvedje Brdo 10 1373 Rovte

Phone: +386 (0)41 376 062

Email: vilma.brencic@gmail.com

Web site: Šinkovc Tourist Farm