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Slaščice Mihalek

Mihalek is a family-run cake shop offering, apart from classic confections, raw and vegan cakes, chocolate, baklava, potica rolls, doughnuts, and biscuits. Its vegan ice cream, made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, but without eggs and milk and with alternative sweeteners, is a delight for both vegans and people with food intolerances.

Menu choices: cakes, ice creams, cream cakes, delicate sweets, natural juices, sweet treats made from wholemeal flour, lactose-free sweet treats, vegan sweet treats, diabetic-friendly sweet treats, gluten-free sweet treats.

Amenities: summer garden, wireless internet access.


Monday to Friday 12:00-19:00, Saturdays 10:00-13:00.


Langugages of communication: Slovenian, English, German, Italian, Croatian.

Disabled access is available.
A city bus stop is located nearby.


Celovška cesta 56 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 231 91 11

Email: slascice.mihalek@siol.net

Web site: Slaščice Mihalek