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St. Bartholomew's Church

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St. Bartholomew’s Church is better known to Šiškars as the Old Church. The edifice boasts a rich history, as this was where the Habsburgs signed a treaty with the Republic of Venice in 1370, returning the city of Trieste to Venice in exchange for 75,000 florins. The church was later redesigned by Ljubljana’s greatest architect, Jože Plečnik. Next to it, he created a stone staircase that leads to Tivoli Park. Plečnik left a semi-circular opening in the roof above the main entrance. Why? So that the lime tree next to the church could continue to grow. Plečnik, always the green innovator! The various masterpieces of his land and water axes earned Ljubljana a spot on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites in terms of Human Centred Urban Design.


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