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Štalca pri Vodniku

Drawn kitchen silverware.

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If you rate your lunches by the quality of bread, you’re in for a treat at Štalca pri Vodniku. You’ll be greeted by genuine red Carniolan carnations that adorn the windowsills, and might forget for a moment that you’re still in Šiška. Be sure to try the house specialty, veal as once prepared by Vodnik’s grandmother, with potatoes that are first boiled and then roughly mashed and fried with onion, made following the original recipe from Vodnik’s Kuharske Bukve cookbook, which dates back to 1799. When time for dessert comes, do consult the legendary waitress Greti, who’ll give you the best advice.


Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 22:00, Sundays and holidays from 12:00 to 17:00


Vodnikova cesta 65a 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386(0)41 30 18 00

Faks: +386 (0)1 505 59 07

Email: [email protected]