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Sv. Jakob

Sv Jakob photo Sergej Menegalija

© Sergej Menegalija

The Sv. Jakob hill (806m) in the Polhov Gradec Hill Range is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Ljubljana's surrounding areas. If you choose the easiest and at the same time the most beautiful route to its top, which leads from the direction of the village of Topol pri Medvodah, your ascent will be no more than a pleasant, undemanding stroll. Apart from that, the village of Topol pri Medvodah boasts several traditional 'gostilna' restaurants serving a fine choice of food.

On clear days, the top of the hill, dominated by a 16th century church of St. James, affords magnificent views of the Sora Plain, the Ljubljana basin, the Karawanken Mountains, the Julian Alps with Mount Triglav (2864m), Slovenia's highest mountain, and the Polhov Gradec, Zasavje and Notranjska Hill Ranges.


Departure point: the car park in front of the school in the village of Topol pri Medvodah.

Attractions along the way: the Church of St. Catherine in the village of Topol pri Medvodah, the Porenta Well in the village of Brezovica pri Medvodah, the Church of St. James at the top of the hill.

Nearby nature trails: Dried Pears Trail, Wood Grouse Trail.